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Name:The Dreamers United
Birthdate:Apr 22, 1988
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
About This Journal
This is another collective journal for The Dreamers United. Our main Dreamwidth journal can be found at [personal profile] dreamwriteremmy and our main livejournal is at [ profile] dreamwriteremmy.

This journal is mostly a day-in-the-life type of journal. We talk about being multiple and bigender in a biological-females-only school, dreams of a visionary society we want to establish with our fiance, and our own projects and a lot of material in this journal will likely be used to make a biography or anthology type thing about our experiences sometime in the future. Might also be used in a few fictions we want to write too. :)

Feel free to add us if you so choose, whether you be plural, singlet, soulbond, median, fictionkin, otherkin, trauma-based, natural, or some medley in-between.

We will allow comments on any entry here no matter how old it is and accept feedback on them as well. This journal is roughly a roundtable conference with whomever ends up reading it...And because for us time is a fluid concept, this journal will be responding to comments on anything until we pass-on from the physical world. Even if the entry you were responding to happened long ago from the present.

As a side note, this journal will probably have some very touchy subjects like abuse, self-injury, morality, gender and sexuality issues, politics, and faith/religion, as well as the occasional adult-language containing rant. We WILL cut all these things and have warnings, but it is up to the reader to determine the maturity and reasonability of anyone reading them.

This journal is as much a personal journey as it is a stepping stone on our activist path.

The Cast and Crew
Our Individual Journals
[personal profile] rosenin_artdoll The Twins: Barakuro Aeslyn & Barakuro Maya
[personal profile] the_toris Tori Matthews & Tori Smith
[personal profile] whtwizard_gamer Bakura Ryou
[personal profile] exalted_clarice Countess Clarissa Lilliana McArthur ni Gwydion/Clarice Bridget McArthur
[personal profile] ofroyaltyanddemons Gavril Nagarian, Khezef, Tilua, Astasia Orlov-Tielen, Karila Tielen
[personal profile] pyrokinetic_empath Betony Smith
[personal profile] harker_drac_reincarnate Mina Hakuba, Soma Cruz, and Mathias Cronqvist
[personal profile] leafe_sound Sasame
[personal profile] apollyjustice Apollo Justice
[personal profile] dreamwriter_emmy DreamWriter Emmy
[personal profile] cnm_ray_j Ray Johnson
[personal profile] m_masaki Misoka Masaki
[personal profile] dream_xi Dream Xi
[personal profile] connectthetales Corvus
[personal profile] klutzy_cutie_me ME-tan
[personal profile] vivian_catgirl Vivian Allison Rapp
[personal profile] hyrule_link Link
[personal profile] lil_demon_chrno Chrno
[personal profile] thebridgergirls Ruby, Jena & Hope Bridger
[personal profile] lonely_fighter Agatsuma Soubi
[personal profile] lovedorloveless Aoyagi Ritsuka
[personal profile] rue_crow_song Rue
[personal profile] plant_medic Kamibana Zetsu
[personal profile] dreamersunited_visitors Visiting System Members (members who don't always front Zetsu & Soubi sometimes also post here)

Detailed Info
Barakuro Aeslyn was born in Kusakagure, the only daughter of the Black Rose clan. When she was very young, she slipped among her family's rose labyrinth and was kept by the roses for quite some time. This incident significantly stunted her growth and she's always been small for her age since. Her brother died amidst the war that plagued her country and her father forced her to undergo the Everbloom ritual early. At the age of 10, she murdered her father and was sentenced to death. As she approached the gallows in the village walls, she felt rage and murdered all of the village. Zetsu took her in shortly thereafter and has raised her, since she is technically his niece. She wears an oversized black cloak and has a long intricately carved staff with two well-carved scarlet gems in the shape of barely opened roses on vices of thorns.

Barakuro Maya was not originally the girl she appears. In an alternate universe there is a sentient haunted house that likes to play games. After a nasty incident in which a 17-year-old variant of Aeslyn was murdered and then reincarnated as her 10-year-old self, Bakura Ryou found the doll that Aeslyn had symbolically hung, and repainted it to be a happier doll, declaring it to be a younger sister for Aes the following Christmas. A year later, the house decided to make that doll come to life, giving it a life-size figure uncannily similar to Aeslyn, and animating it. Maya is the happier of the two twins, and generally prefers bright colors and art like the artist who allowed her to be reborn.

Betony Smith is about 21 and a pyrokinetic empath with a history as a neglected child and identifies as an abuse and rape survivor. Recently, she's started on a path to becoming a Corellian Nativist Wiccan. She can be quite vocal and defensive as a result of her experiences and she finds great joy in spending time with her daughter Vitore and her significant other, Ray.

Vitore Smith, who also identifies as Tori S, is Betony's daughter who age slides between an infant and 12. She can be bubbly, but is generally very shy and a bit sheltered by her mother.

Ray Johnson identifies as bigender. For her work as a holistic well-woman nurse and midwife, she generally identifies and presents as female and answers with female pronouns. Behind closed doors, she'll say she prefers neutral pronouns and tends to dress ambiguously.

Misoka Masaki identifies as an androgynous male, though born female. In America he uses the name Milo since it's a lot easier than his Japanese name. He's the only member of the system that has transitioned of sorts and prefers using either male or gender neutral pronouns, but sometimes resigns to accepting "she" in some companies. His hair is white and he practices Reiki and several variations of martial arts.

Tori Matthews is young and blonde, and probably the cutest doll you've ever seen. She age slides between 7 and 16 but usually she sticks around 10. She has rich golden blonde hair with sausage curls and wide azure blue eyes. She's extremely emotive and the kind of person who forces happy thoughts to circumvent feeling scared or sad. She loves telling stories, particularly those with happy endings, and can be a bit of a fool, acting impulsively and dressing in very random-patterned Victorian-esque dresses.

Kamibana Zetsu serves as the system medic. He's usually pretty good at what he does, though sometimes his methods can seem a little questionable at times. He specializes in restraining Aeslyn's temper and in quickly minimizing any immediate health risks by shutting off conduits for various fronters and the central processing unit used for shared memory. He's also great at "speed-recovery" when we're all exhausted and need someone or something to manage the front. Though he has the odd habit of arguing with himself more often than not.

Bakura Ryou is one of the artists of the system. He also is a seventeen-year-old eclectic pagan. In America, he generally identifies as Nathan Abbadelli.

Countess Clarissa Lilliana McArthur (ni Gwydion) who also goes by Clarice Bridget McArthur is a Sidhe Changeling. She is the reincarnated form of Clarissant of the Arthurian legends.

Agatsuma Soubi, who also identifies as Sky Peterson is another rape and abuse survivor. He is also a blank fighter unit. He is generally a walk-in and serves as a back-up protector for the system. He is also in a relationship with Aoyagi Ritsuka and takes care of the young boy when he needs it.

Aoyagi Ritsuka, who also identifies as Ryan Gatti.

Khezef who also identifies as Josef Negri, is a draconic demon. His feeding structure is quite similar to a vampire's in that he prefers feeding from the blood of a young woman. He is connected spiritually to Gavril Nagarian and Tilua, his child-spirit-servant.

Mina Hakuba is a Shinto shrine maiden and is engaged to Soma Cruz. She generally accepts Soma and Mathias, though at times she can feel very hesitant in the same way Soma is because it is a big difference in her childhood friend to know he has Dracula residing within his soul.

Vivian Allison Rapp is a 17 year old, bigender who struggles with self-injurious tendencies and depression. She is in a relationship with Bakura Ryou and identifies as an Eclectic Wiccan.

Soma Cruz, who also goes by Samuel "Sam" Cruz, is the reincarnated form of Dracula, though Soma is human. He generally is kind of an anxious sort, always questioning whether or not he is still human when he has the spirit of Dracula residing within him. He's also afraid of falling and strong winds. He tends to be kind of dense, but loves Mina very much as both a friend and fiancee.

Mathias Cronqvist who also goes by Lord Dracula. Mathias is a bit of an enigma, but reasonably so. He generally appears very formal and sad, and spends much of his time in the library or the alchemy lab. Much of his time in the library is spent either doing alchemical research or moping while looking at old portrait books of his two deceased wives, Elisabetha Cronqvist and Lisa Farenheights.

DreamWriter Emmy is a 21 year old writer who writes stories of her life and past and her hopes for the future. Currently, she writes a lot about the goings on in Radiant Garden, her current home-base. She has a little faerie companion named Sheridan who signs, rather than speaks.

Sasame who also identifies as Daniel "Dan" Wordsgate. A man of eloquence, Sasame is fond of music overall. He also works as a radio talk therapist, focusing quite a bit on relationship issues. He's a superb listener and has inhuman listening skills as the Leafe Knight of Sound.

Dream Xi is the adopted son/brother of DreamWriter Emmy. He's also the keybearer for the new world DreamWriter and her "dream siblings" want to create and/or locate.

Corvus who also goes by Raven is a fallen angel who heals himself in his search for redemption by connecting others to hope.

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